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How to Polish Up Your House for Parties and Gatherings

The time of year is upon us in which you might have family and friends visit your home. Parties and gatherings are the song of the season, and you might be wanting to know the best way to provide a warm and memorable time spent with your loved ones.

  1. Dress Up the Door: The vibe given off to guests arriving at the front door will set the mood for what they’re about to step into. Even one small detail can make a difference, like a bow. Wreaths, a set of topiaries or potted plants, lanterns, figurines…There are a multitude of decorative ways to dress up your front door.
  2. Put a Finish on the Foyer: Just as your front door sets the tone of the gathering, so does the next place your guests will walk through, the foyer. Some welcoming touches can make all the difference, such as seasonal-smelling candles, a decorative bowl with small favors or candy,  flowers or plants, a small table or cart with drinks, a unique coat-rack, and many more options.
  3. Fancy Up Your Table: There are a multitude of ways you can get creative and decorative with your table settings. Having the places set ahead of time is not only easier, but also allows the table top to be a decoration. You can cover the table with a tablecloth, create a centerpiece, and set the places with unique and beautiful dishware, place cards, and trinkets.
  4. Make a Merry Mantle: Decorating the mantle makes a sort of center-piece for your living room, and can also act as a conversation start. Candles, mirrors, plaques, pictures, bookends, wreaths, ornaments, and general decorations can all factor into your festivity equation.
  5. Adorn the Coffee Table: Another good conversation starter is a unique trinket or antique that could play into the theme of your gathering. Also, flowers, books, trays, pictures, coasters, and more are good coffee table decorations.
  6. Prettify the Bathroom: You could utilize those fancy guest towels that you never get to. A nice soap and lotion set to put out is also a plus. Flowers, rolled towels, and candles are nice touches as well. gatherings

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