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How to Personalize Your New House

“Making a house a home” is a concept for a reason; there’s something to be said for truly feeling like you belong in your new house.

  • Change out the numbers on your mailbox or house.
  • Clean the whole house. It will smell like the products that are already familiar to you, and make you feel more at home.
  • Add more of your favorite familiar scents with candles, room sprays, or wall plug-ins
  • Paint the front door the color of your choice. You’ll feel truly welcomed every time you enter.
  • Paint a wall, or all of them. There are so many ways to personalize through this.
  • Wallpaper a laundry room or half-bathroom. You can truly personalize it, since there are infinite choices of wallpaper.
  • If you have hardwood stairs, change them up. You could put a runner down, or paint them white with a color on top.
  • Change out window treatments. Especially if the style of your decor is a lot different than the previous owner’s.
  • Change out hardware. This will be especially beneficial if the previous hardware is on the older side.
  • Change out light fixtures. Occasionally, a previous owner might leave behind an old chandelier from the eighties, or something of the like. Replace it with something that fits in with more of your style for the new house.
  • Hang personal photos. There’s nothing more personal than pictures of your past memories.
  • If you have anything with monograms, decorate your home with it.
  • Hang up your favorite art.
  • Place fresh flowers or potted plants around your house. There’s nothing better than having something of beauty in each room.
  • Put rugs down on hardwood floors. Your feet will definitely feel right at home.
  • Place your favorite throw pillows on your sofas and chairs. Feeling comfy in your own home is a must.
  • Have blankets close at hand to make you feel extra cozy in your new house.
  • Decide where to put organizers that will benefit your daily life the most. Whether it’s having wall hooks for jackets, keys, or bags, or if it’s having lots of shelves in your family room, customize your storage to truly benefit you.
  • Display your family heirlooms, or even antiques you’ve bought yourself.
  • Present all your favorite bathroom amenities in a designated spot, arranged attractively to invite you to use them.
  • Display your DIY‘s, or make some.
  • Display your hobbies and/or collectibles.
  • Spend effort on bettering those places that you’ll spend the most time in, whether it will be alone, or with family or guests.

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