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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

It may seem like creating more kitchen space is a feat- you need room to store pots and pans, etc. However, there are ways to make this happen.

  • Vertical elements, like stripes painted on a wall, will make your kitchen appear taller.
  • Use only two to three colors. A busier look can overpower a space too much. If you go with using two colors, use one of them as an accent color, or pick them both from the same palette.
  • If you have a very open floorplan and want your kitchen to blend into the background, paint it all off-white.
  • Open shelving and cabinets with glass windows give the illusion of taking up less space.
  • Add in shelving around a door and/or your fridge. If it extends to the ceiling, it can make the room look taller.
  • Install a shelf above the sink, even if it’s against a window.
  • Install corner shelving for added storage.
  • Create shelves into the end of your island or peninsula. You can attractively store away what would have been on your counters taking up valuable space.
  • Add drawers to the breakfast bar for extra storage space.
  • Install rods, racks, and hooks to hang things. This will free up some space on your countertops and in cabinets.
  • Add in a micro countertop for extra room to work.
  • To save counter space, keep a bar cart at the end of your countertop.
  • If it works, move your kitchen table up against your countertop.
  • Go for a table that fits well with your space. An over-sized table will make the room seem smaller than it is.
  • A circular breakfast table can save space, and so can tables with curved edges.
  • Have corner bench seating at your breakfast area so you won’t have chairs to pull out.
  • Add in a mirror, especially next to a window, to create more light.
  • Add some metallics into your space, which bounce light around.

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