How to Make Your Bathroom Look Good

With so many things to keep and use in the bathroom, it’s easy to accumulate lots of clutter and chaos. However, there are easy fixes to tame the madness.

  • The first step is to de-clutter. Get rid of those products you bought on impulse two years ago and only used twice.
  • Organize the remaining products and things. Baskets are a great advantage to you; just think about where they’ll be located and then strategically pick their size, colors, and if they’ll have lids or not. Baskets are good for keeping towels, toilet paper, trash, or sample-sized toiletries for guests. Divide things out by the frequency that you use them; put what you use every day in one easy-to-reach spot. Just remember that a basket without a top won’t magically make clutter disappear, even if it’s “organized clutter”.
  • Determine the style of bathroom you want to convey. What kind of shower curtain goes best? What kind of mirror frame? Hardware?
  • Conceal or replace product packaging. This will streamline the look of your bathroom. Implement refillable bottles, dispensers, and pretty jars to keep your products in; match their style and colors to your chosen bathroom decor style.
  • If you have open shelving, roll up some towels to place on it. Use other things as well for useful decorations.
  • Now you can add a few decorative items in. Pictures or artwork on the wall is good. Flowers like orchids, succulents, and terrariums with moss are good choices; they all live well in humidity. Table lamps are good; they can brighten a dark bathroom, while providing extra decoration.
  • Remember that the eye perceives things in a different way than reality sometimes-so having a few objects set on a tray will make them seem more “organized” than they would appear simply sitting on the counter. This also works well for having a small tub-side table or stool, with a few objects placed on it.

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