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How to Increase Home Curb Appeal During the Holidays

Curb appeal is an important part of real estate any time of the year. However, knowing how to strategically decorate your home for maximum curb appeal during the holidays can be hard. You may be under the impression that having any decorations at all is a no-no, but there are ways to go about decorating your home that give the cozy holiday feel without being too much. 

  • Don’t be overly kitschy: Try and steer away from the giant inflatable penguins and crazy-colored lights. The home’s best attributes will be amplified more when they have a chance to shine through.
  • Add some light: White lights are best if you decide to decorate using string lights. These have an elegant, classic feel. A well-lit entryway is also key, both outside and right inside your home. If you have a wreath on your door, you could even place a spotlight shining on it.
  • Welcome: Speaking of wreaths, they’re a great welcoming touch. There are a variety of ways you can make it your own, and something that portrays your home’s personality. You could also put some live miniature Christmas trees at either side of your porch stairs for a more minimalist yet refined touch. Also, have a fragrant seasonal candle or room spray to maximize the cozy factor when people come inside your home. 
  • Less is more: During the holidays and throughout the year, less is always more. Try and limit the amount of knick-knacks you have on display for the holidays. 

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