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Ideas for That Leftover Space Under Your Stairs

What an odd-shaped space the area under your stairs is. You may have hit a mental wall trying to figure out your options for it. There are actually many possibilities that aren’t always obvious.

  • Shelves: You could definitely add storage and organized space by adding in shelves. Bookshelves, rolling, sliding, or pull-out shelves. They’re all great options, especially for those who have run out of other storage space, or for those who have run out of places to display shelved items.
  • Cubby Holes or Closet: Do you have more clothes and items than you have space for? A closet under your stairs would be perfect for you (and your excess coats, towels, and shoes).
  • Reading Nook: For those who love to curl up in a cozy little space with a good book, the area under the stairs is perfect for them. If you’re putting in a bench seat, could also add some storage in it by having drawers and/or shelves at the bottom. A window would be nice too, if your home’s architecture allows for it.
  • Half-Bath: If you have the funds and the space, adding in a half bath under your stairs can add both value and aesthetics to your home.
  • Office: What better way to make use of that extra space than to use it to be productive in? Especially if you aren’t already able to have a whole room in your house designated for using as an office, this option is useful.
  • Kids’ Play Area: Many kids love having a little space of their own to play in. You could either enclose the area and add a little door, or keep it open as a nook. Add some fun plush pillows for their comfort.
  • Pet Area: Keep it open as a nook to put a bed, bowls, etc. in, or enclose it with a gate window for a doghouse. You could even get really creative and make the space a cat playhouse.
  • Wine Storage Rack/Cellar: Having a wine cooler or cellar would add value to your home financially, and also in the aspect of enjoyment for wine enthusiasts. You could also install a bar or liquor cabinet if you don’t want to feel pressured to stick with wine.

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