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Household Cleaning Tips

Regardless of your planned New Year’s resolutions, we can all agree that household cleaning is something we can all put on our to-do lists.

  • Laundry dryer sheets: wipe your baseboards with them to get rid of dust and also leave a fresh scent around your home. Soak a sheet in water overnight and use it to get stubborn food residue of dishes and pots. Clean off your soap residue with them as well.
  • Removing smells: Having a bowl full of vinegar-soaked cotton balls laying around gets rid of cooking smells. Baking soda gets rid of odors in your fridge. Open containers of coffee grounds and/or bay leaves will freshen up your shelves.  Ice cubes made of vinegar and/or lemons will revive your garbage disposal and sharpen the blades too. Closets can be freshened by having either a piece of charcoal or green tea wrapped in gauze in them.
  • Use white vinegar: to clean off hard water buildup, faucets, and inside the refrigerator. Also use in an empty dishwasher cycle to clean all the leftover residue out of it. You can sanitize your toothbrushes by soaking them in it too. Clean blinds by mixing an equal part with water, and rub the blinds with a sock soaked in this mixture.
  • Hose off your air conditioning unit. This will allow it to work better inside your house.
  • Line the bottom of your trashcans with newspaper to absorb smells and residues.
  • Aluminum foil: get stubborn food residue off of dishes with a ball of foil and some dishwashing detergent. Also, put some down on your counters before you peel produce, fish, etc. 
  • Baking soda: clean your silver with it, and also unclog drains with a mixture of it with vinegar. Also, use with a sponge to gets scuffs out of vinyl flooring. 
  • Rubber: pick up pet hair from furniture with damp rubber gloves, or with a squeegee from your carpet
  • Sliced lemons: rub on your cutting boards to remove stains. Also, microwave squeezed-out lemon juice and water in a bowl, which will loosen hardened food so that you can wipe it right off. Use a mixture of baking powder and lemon juice to get off mold and mildew. You can get rust off your silverware by soaking it in lemon juice as well. Last, use it to clean off hard water buildup.
  • Microwave damp sponges for 2-3 minutes to sanitize them.  household cleaning household cleaning household cleaning

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