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The Home of Culture, Art, and Values is Calling You, Are You Listening?

With the invocation of civil rights movement in the 1960s, the city of Atlanta rose to prominence solely because of its residents and their will to overcome the foul elements of the society.

The city that was said to be ‘too busy to hate’ is a widely cherished name in the history of American civil war.
The cornerstone of city’s progress lay on its citizens and good governance which led it to have the world’s busiest airport in the field of transportation index from the year of 1998 till today.

As evident, the home of Martin Luther King Jr. is soft and inclusive towards all the castes, creeds and religions as compared to other states of the ‘deep south.’
Ranked 7 in the country for its GDP of almost $320 Billion, it’s a widely sought after place for art, music, and trade enthusiasts.

While the ‘smart growth’ of its neighboring countries has deeply impacted Atlanta’s geographical and political lines, the city still stands firm against the skewed skepticism originating in the form of repercussions of the 1996 Olympics.
The city, above all, is tender and believes in the morphological policy of open-to-all, considering all the living and nonliving organisms as a part of a larger ecosystem.

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