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How to Grow Succulents

There’s a reason these cool little hardy plants are having their moment. Succulents are great plants for both indoors and outdoors, and can withstand most weather conditions. They generally can live through harsh weather conditions such as droughts. However, there is a way to grow them that’s more optimal than others.

  • Be mindful when it’s too cold for them: Just because they can usually withstand freezing temperatures doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best thing for them. Most types of succulents do better when they are sheltered from frost. Some types can do okay in the cold when they are kept dry; too much rain can make them more susceptible to frost damage, while some types can even rot. If you can, make a temporary cover for them during harsh winter months, initially plant your succulents in planters so that you can bring them inside.
  • Think about soil type: the best kind of soil to plant succulents in is very porous soil. If you have clay as the main type of soil in your yard, then you might be better off with keeping succulents in planters. These plants also like layered soils, like potting mixes with sand or gravel underneath.
  • Watering: Since they obviously store water in their leaves, you don’t have to water succulents as often as other kinds of plants. However, if you see wrinkly leaves, then they are too dry. Before you ever water, make sure the soil is dry, as getting too much water can make succulents die.
  • Feeding: It’s not always necessary to feed succulents that are planted in a garden; however, potted plants will run out of nutrients over time, so you might want to for these.
  • Lighting: The best lighting amounts are mainly specific to each type of succulent. What can be generally said is that you don’t want too much shade or too much sun for any type of them.
  • Pests: If you have healthy succulents, pests shouldn’t be too much of a problem. There may be a few seasonal exceptions, such as mildew, but they most likely won’t be detrimental to your plants.
  • Location: Succulents usually do best when they are grouped together; even regarding varying types. You can also plant them around other breeds of plants completely, as long as they are similar in their needed conditions. However, many of these will do the best living in planters or pots.

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