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Elements of Home Decorating in Summer

Do you think of light breezes, sunshine, and family time when thinking of Summer? Here’s how you can decorate your house this season to reflect those things.

  • Add accents of color, like in fun patterned throw pillows or pieces of art. Colorful art pieces are especially good to hang on walls that are darker hues; it will brighten them up. Nothing says “summer” better than fun colors and patterns.
  • Create a drink station (even if it’s not with alcohol). Lemonade, mojitos, mai tais, tea; whatever you provide, there’s nothing better than sipping on a cold drink in hot weather. Rolling bar-carts and tabletop trays are great options you can move around.
  • Put something in your fireplace since you won’t be using it for a while, like candles, decorations, etc.
  • Create or freshen up an outdoor space. Spruce up your patio, deck, and yard so you’ll have a great place to spend time outdoors this summer. Re-paint outdoor furniture light or vibrant colors. Add in a fire-pit for a great evening hang-out spot. Set up a table for al fresco dining. the possibilities are limitless.
  • Add in some summer-y decorations. Think vibrant colors, tropical, nautical, or botanical patterns, and natural elements (or faux-natural). Your tables are a good place to showcase summer-y place settings, dishware, and accouterments like drink pitchers and decanters.
  • Sprinkle in flowers and potted plants around your house. Wildflower bouquets are especially summer-y, and so are flowers that are warm-colored. Succulents in large seashells are also unique and on-season.
  • Have airy, white (possibly semi-sheer, gauzy) curtains hanging up. Add a canopy to a bed, complete with these airy curtains.
  • Paint dark wood a lighter color, like white or off-white. Whether it’s your staircase, furniture, ceiling beams or something else, this can really lighten up a room.
  • Use complementary colors, like an aqua blue paired with a coral.
  • Hang mirrors to draw in more light, and to make the space seem bigger.
  • Switch out your home‘s scents for more summer-y ones.

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