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Easy Fixes to Help Sell Your Home

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to freshen up your home in order to sell it. There are some easy fixes that can make a world of difference.

  • Check out your curb appeal. Check your gutters to ensure they’re not clogged or loose, mow the yard, trim shrubs, inspect your shutters, & power wash your driveway and/or house if needed
  • Check out your doors; if you need to replace it, then do. You can also replace just hinges and knobs if that’s the better option. Make your front door look extra attractive for a great first impression to potential buyers.
  • Give your house a nice scent on the inside
  • Spot clean/treat anything wrong with your walls, moldings, windowsills, etc.
  • Add fresh paint and/or repaint your trim
  • Check the quality of your floors; your rugs, carpets, & hardwoods
  • Organize everything- your closets, rooms, etc.; anything the buyers will see
  • Improve your window treatments; get rid of dust, stains, etc., or replace them
  • Check your drawer tracks, because you don’t want lopsided drawers
  • Shine your appliances
  • Refinish cabinets; kitchen remodels are very expensive
  • Update your hardware & light fixtures to something classic, yet attractive that pairs well with the rest of the room
  • Install ceiling fans or change them if they’re old
  • Add crown moldings
  • Install hardwoods in your living room
  • OR restore hardwood floors
  • Re-tile your bathroom floors; this has great return on investment
  • Change out your shower curtain to something literally and aesthetically fresh  sell sell sell 

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