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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom to Make it Appear Larger

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom to Make it Appear Larger

Sure, a small bedroom can be cozy, but it can also can be somewhat of a challenge to decorate. Here are some ways to make it appear larger.

  • Think about the headboard (if you have one). It will help if it’s completely against the wall, with no gaps in between; you could also have a “floating” headboard that’s attached to the wall. It also helps to “build” around the headboard, whether it’s having built-ins, curtains, or something else.
  • Instead of a floor lamp, hang a pendant light to save space, and also to emphasize the height of the room.
  • Consider your storage options. Take advantage of the space under the bed; if you can fit drawers, go for it. Try and think outside the box (pardon the pun) about spaces you can fit storage solutions.
  • Don’t paint the room too dark. This can create a boxed-in feel. Stick with lighter colors instead. You could also include a feature wall, which is a wall painted one color that pops, while the rest of the walls remain white.
  • Think about furniture besides the bed. Can you make anything multi-purpose? A desk may double as a vanity, etc.
  • Use mirrors to visually create more space.
  • Use the same fabric/pattern on the wall, headboard, and bed skirt. This will create a visual continuity for a better “flow” of the room.
  • Use furniture and decorations that save space. Furniture with rounded edges is beneficial for giving a small bedroom more space.
  • Cut the clutter, including extraneous knick-knack collections, piled-up clothes, etc.
  • Emphasize the coziness. Include plush throw pillows, soft blankets, and candles. This will put a different focus on the room, instead of just its size.
  • Choose window treatments wisely. You may want to opt out of the heavy, dark-colored curtains, and pick some airy white ones instead. Whatever you choose, make sure they are the right length.

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