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Home Design Trends Expected to Dominate in 2017

Home Design Trends Expected to Dominate in 2017

2017 is under-way, and there are some trends that have ushered themselves into the new year and promised to stay. If you’re curious about contemporary home design trends, look no further!

  • Creating a unique and welcoming entryway: Think benches, hooks, art, nice light fixtures, tables, and more
  • Laundry room renovations: More homeowners have been spending more money on their laundry rooms, to include better lighting, storage, and things like sinks
  • Fixed-up side yards
  • Graphic floor tile in kitchens: Perfect for adding character, detail, and depth to all-white or monochromatic kitchens
  • Lots of kitchen storage: In 2017, many homeowners will try and configure as much storage as they can into their kitchens
  • Tiles making up entire walls in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Vanities re-purposed from other things: Sometimes the right vanity can’t be found at some big-box store. It’s possible, and a growing trend, to convert an old chest-of-drawers, etc. into the vanity of choice
  • Unique bathroom sinks
  • Utilizing extra storage space in bathrooms: Especially in small bathrooms. It’s an increasing trend to see homeowners building cabinets between wall studs, so that the storage doesn’t take up any extra space in the room
  • Wainscoting, chair rails, wood paneling, and other detailing in bathrooms

More Ideas (That Involve Adding Some Color to Your Home)

  • White paired with off-white: Being the tranquil duo that it is, it will most likely be found the most often in bedrooms. The pairing gives more depth than an all-white look
  • The color green: Pantone’s color of the year last year was a medium-green shade. More people are adapting their homes to include it.
  • Doors with black steel and glass: Showing up on a Pinterest board near you. These are great as some shower doors, or as doors in narrower and/or darker entryways
  • Warm-tone wood cabinets
  • Satin brass fixtures: Not quite the same kind as those shiny brass fixtures frequently seen in master bathrooms from the ’80’s-’90’s. These are more subtle and muted
  • Kitchen islands that contradict cabinetry, etc.: For instance, if the cabinetry was all white, then a black island could really complete the look and add depth

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