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How to Create a Calm Bedroom

Your bedroom is your retreat at the end of the day; a place of rest that you’ll spend around 8 hours a day in. The sole purpose of the room is for sleeping, so wouldn’t you rather have a soothing atmosphere in yours? Here are some ways to create a calm bedroom.

  • Colors: The colors used to decorate your room (especially paint colors) are perhaps one of the most important parts. Experts are saying pale whites, blues, and grays are the best at putting even the most hectic mind at ease. Stick to neutral and muted colors, and skip the passionate reds.
  • Lighting: What do you think of when you picture a relaxing space? Probably not harsh overhead lighting. Soft lighting is key, and lighting from more than one source, such as a desk lamp and a floor lamp, are great at setting a relaxed vibe.
  • Windows: The level of light you desire to let into your room is your choice; some people might need heavier curtains than others to create their calm bedroom.
  • Nightstand: You’ll most likely be more at ease when you are able to easily reach over and pick up your water, book, or phone.
  • A good mattress: probably the most important part of your relaxation and sleep.
  • Your headboard or bed frame: this comes down to a matter of preference. If you’ll be sitting up in bed, maybe an upholstered or quilted/tufted headboard will better. If you like complete darkness, maybe a four-poster bed with a canopy will be just in your taste.
  • Rugs: Fuzzy, furry, and plush rugs are a dream to walk on, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice to take your first step out of bed onto something that feels like a cloud?
  • Bedding and pillows: of course this is personal preference as well, but there’s no denying that the color palette of these has a say in your level of relaxation. Soft and breathable sheets and comforters, and plush pillows that support your neck and head well are key to perfect bliss.
  • Seats and Furniture: If you like to lounge around whilst reading a book, you may desire a window seat, couch, or armchair in your calm bedroom.
  • Designated pet area: You may feel a little guilty at first for kicking your furry companion out of bed, but your sleep will probably thank you for it. They’ll probably be just as happy in a cute bed of their own.
  • Any electronics: No TV may be your best way to go, or maybe a white noise machine or speakers for playing Enya. Whatever creates an atmosphere best conducive for sleep is the best thing for you.


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