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Better Ways to Organize Your House

Keeping everything you own in order can be hard work. Luckily, there are some tricks out there that make organizing simpler!

  • Charging station: Keep and charge all your small electronics in one place, so you won’t have to keep running to different outlets to find them.
  • Vacuum-seal food: You’ll be surprised at how much extra space plastic bags and containers take up when you store your food. Invest in a vacuum sealer, especially if you keep a lot of things in your freezer as this can also lengthen their lifespan.
  • Slim bins: You can store cereals, pastas, pet food, etc. and it saves more space than having lots of clunky boxes laying around.
  • Hangers: You can buy those descending chip hooks they have in stores, as well as hanging chips with the clothes hangers that clip.
  • Labeling food: Label your spice tops, and put them in a spice rack that holds them horizontally so that you can find them easier. Store foods like flour and sugar in clear containers with a pretty label. 
  • Bake ware organizers: The vertical wire file dividers used in offices can benefit your kitchen as well. Find ones that are wide enough to organize your pans and other bake ware.
  • Towel bars: Install these and use shower curtain hooks if you need extra room to hang your pots and pans.
  • Peg boards: Put one in your pantry for even more storage for pots.
  • Lazy susan: These are great in cabinets and pantries that have a limited amount of space. Never dig through the many layers of your pantry again.
  • Magazine holders: Keep your cans stacked horizontally in these to save space and to keep them all in one location. You can attach them to the insides of cabinet doors and you can also use them well to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.
  • Magazine/cookbook holder: You can install these easily in your kitchen or living room to keep your reading material corralled in one place. Attach them the sides of counters, tables, or kitchen islands.
  • Makeup/Cosmetics/Craft organizer: You probably have a lot of makeup and bathroom/body products you’ve acquired over the years. There’s a better way to keep them than by having them just sitting around and taking up space. You can find many varieties of boxes with drawers to keep all of these in. Read below.
  • Clear containers: For anything you have a lot of, and for food like flour and sugar. These let you see what’s in them so you don’t have to open up every organizer you have to find what you need. Plus, the lucite trend is currently underway.
  • Rolling carts: Even if they’re small, these babies definitely are helpful to have. You can use them in the dining room for drinks, the bathroom to hold products, a craft room, etc.
  • Paper towel holder: Reconfigure metal (or really any kind of) paper towel holders to hold bracelets and necklaces. It’s any easy way to organize your jewelry so you won’t have to dig around for it.
  • Push pins: Use these to hang and organize necklaces.
  • Shower caddy: These are versatile for holding things in places besides the shower. Fresh produce, spices, electronics, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Shoe caddy/hanging rack: These can come in handy in your kitchen pantry, in your bathroom closet, and your clothes closet.
  • Binder clips: These come in handy for keeping cords coiled and together. You can also hang food in your freezer by clipping bags to the shelves with these.
  • Tables with storage: Your coffee tables, end tables, etc. are all even better when they have storage capabilities included.
  • Key holder: Creating a small cabinet for your keys can work for your best interests. You can even just install a few small hooks by the entry of your house if you don’t want to make a new cabinet.

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